ABILOCO-Kids - Rasch analysis specific to cerebral palsy children

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The online analysis converts the raw scores to the ABILOCO-Kids questionnaire into a linear measure of activity limitations. The analysis is powered by RUMM Laboratory according to the calibration of the scale established for cerebral palsy children.

Users are responsible for the quality of the data submitted. The data is not copied or saved in any way during the analysis process. Therefore, each individual user remains the sole owner of the data submitted on this web site. The administrators of this web site are not responsible for the analysis results, although they guarantee that the analysis complies with the most appropriate scientific procedures to their knowledge.

The online analysis service is available for FREE for the moment, although analysis fees may be asked in the future in order to cover development costs.

Thank you for your trust,

The rehab-scales.org team.


ABILOCO-Kids specific to cerebral palsy children

English - Order 1
1. Going up an escalator alone.
2. Going up stairs putting each foot on the next step.
3. Walking backwards.
4. Walking several minutes at the same speed as a healthy child.
5. Going down stairs putting each foot on the next step.
6. Running correctly even if you have to turn.
7. Walking while holding a fragile object (such as a full glass).
8. Walking less than five meters, indoors, holding onto pieces of furniture.
9. Turning and walking in a narrow space.
10. Going up and down stairs without holding onto the banisters.